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Jennifer TurnerTo Be Black and a Mother: The Significance of Black Mothers’ Racial Socialization Practices

Jennifer Turner, Sociology, in the Faculty Authors & Achievers Spotlight Series

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The Faculty Authors & Achievers series shifts to Sociology with its second presentation, from assistant professor Jennifer Turner. Racial socialization, or the practice of talking to one’s children about race, is a key aspect of African American Mothers’ parenting practices. In this talk, Dr. Turner discusses her recent research on this topic, why racial socialization matters, and her ongoing research on racial-gendered socialization. Dr. Turner’s most recent article, “Black Mothering in Action: The Racial-Class Socialization Practices of Low-Income Black Single Mothers,” was published in the journal Sociology of Race and Ethnicity and was featured by the publisher, Sage, in a collection of articles about Racism, Policing, and the Black Experience.

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