Federal Depository and Government Information Services

Wyndham Robertson Library is a selective Federal Depository Library. We serve the Hollins community and the people of Virginia’s sixth Congressional District with access to federal government documents, and government information research assistance.

Our library is selective repository that chooses a small percentage of federally published materials, based on the university’s curriculum and the needs of the local community. The library became a Federal Depository Library in 1968; however, the collection also includes volumes that were published earlier.

The documents collection is located on the ground floor of the library and is open to all (click here for directions to campus).

Government Documents Collection


Govinfo: Search U.S. government information.


USA.gov: U.S. government services navigator.


The documents collection is available whenever the library is open. Click here for library hours.

Access to the collection

All are free to use the government documents collection; you do not have to have a connection with the university. Wyndham Robertson Library is committed to providing the public with open, free access to our government information materials, according to the rules of the Federal Depository Library Program and Title 44, section 1911 of the U.S. Code.

To access the university network computers (including computers in the library) for online research, guests are asked to sign in at the Reference desk on the first floor. Please provide proof of identity with two forms of ID. No filtering software of any kind is used on the library computers, and the library does not monitor anyone’s browsing or reading activity.

Borrowing materials

Most of our government documents may be checked out with a valid Hollins ID card. Some materials, including microfiche and microfilm, are in-library use only.

Guests who wish to check out materials should contact our Circulation department to get a guest borrowers card.

Research Assistance

Reference assistance is available: ask at the first floor Reference desk, call (540) 362-7465, or email us.

Our Government Documents are organized according to the Superintendent of Documents (SuDoc) classification system. The first letters of a call number refer to the issuing agency, i.e. whoever has created the document. For example, all documents produced by the Department of Defense are shelved together under “D”.

If you are doing research on a particular topic, you may have to look in more than one place. For example, the history of U.S. military action abroad may be found in documents from the Department of Defense, the State Department, the CIA, the Executive Office of the President and Congress.

First letters and agencies:

A Agriculture Department
L Labor Department
AE National Archives LC Library of Congress
C3 Census Bureau (Commerce Dept.) LR Labor Relations Board
CR Civil Rights Commission N Navy
D Defense Department NA National Research Council
E Energy Department NAS National Aeronautics & Space Administration
ED Education Department NF National Endowment for the Humanities
National Endowment for the Arts
EP Environmental Protection Agency NS National Science Foundation
FEM Federal Emergency Management Agency PE Peace Corps
FR Federal Reserve PM Office of Personnel Management
FS Public Health Services PR Presidential Reports
FT Federal Trade Commission PREX Executive Office of the President
GB Geographic Board PRVP Vice Presidential Reports
GP Government Printing S State Department
GS General Services Administration SBA Small Business Administration
HE Health & Human Services Dept. SIS Smithsonian Institution
HH Housing & Urban Development SSA Social Security Administration
HS Homeland Security Department T22 Interior Revenue Service (Treasury)
I Interior Department TD Transportation Department
I19 U.S. Geological Survey W45 War Records
IA Information Agency W49 Philippine Islands
IC Interstate Commerce Commission X, Y Congress
J Department of Justice Y4 Congressional Committees
JU Judiciary Y10 Congressional Budget Office


Numbers after the period are treated like a WHOLE number, not like a decimal number as in the Library of Congress call number system.

Correct SuDoc order [whole numbers]:
Correct LC order [decimal]:
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