Ordering Library Materials

Your liaison librarian can assist you in identifying titles in specific research areas, and provide you with regular updates about new publications in your field.

Liaison Librarians

Please send all order requests and other inquiries to:

Rebecca Seipp: Div. I and History

Luke Vilelle: Div. II

James Miller: Div. III

Maryke Barber: Div. IV

Before Placing Orders

We accept faculty orders year round. Before placing an order, please check the combined online catalog for our library and Roanoke College. Whenever possible, we avoid duplicating resources between our two libraries.

Note that all purchases must be made via your liaison librarian. No reimbursement will be made for items purchased elsewhere.

Fund Allocation Schedule

Library departmental allocation amounts are provided to each department every fiscal year. If you have questions about your department’s available funds, contact your liaison librarian.

In order for our staff to process materials quickly and efficiently throughout the year, we ask that faculty members adhere to the following schedule when placing orders:

At least 20% of your budget must be spent by August 15
At least 50% of your budget must be spent by October 31
At least 75% of your budget must be spent by February 15
100% of your budget must be spent by March 15

If department faculty members have not met target expenditures by the designated deadlines, liaison librarians will spend funds on your behalf to purchase relevant materials in your field.

Rush Orders

The library discourages rush orders because of the stress and workload placed on multiple library staff members to make these happen; however, the library also recognizes there may be rare times when a rush order is unavoidable. The library places rush orders once/week (Monday afternoons), and catalogs and processes those items once/week (Fridays).

On Textbooks, Other Formats

The library can not purchase textbooks; their high cost and accelerated publishing schedule make this an unsustainable practice. See our Collection Development Policy for more information on how the library collects, organizes and delivers materials to match the Hollins curriculum, while serving as responsible stewards for the university’s financial resources.

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