About Our Digital Projects

The Wyndham Robertson Library strives to support digital teaching and learning and to preserve, promote, and provide open access to the intellectual and creative output of the Hollins University community. This involves ongoing work within the library as well as partnerships with faculty, staff, students, and university departments to identify opportunities for collaboration and select the best platform to showcase digital project outcomes.

Our digital projects include digitization of archival and special collections materials, partnering with faculty to incorporate digital projects into the curriculum, working with departments across campus to promote and provide access to the scholarly and creative output of the University, and more.


Hollins Digital Commons is an open access repository used to collect and disseminate digital copies of the intellectual output of the Hollins University community— including scholarship and creative works by students, staff, and faculty—and provide access to digitized special collections materials and historical records of the university.  Collections found here include the Spinster yearbooks and the Undergraduate Research Awards finalists and winners.


Hollins Digital Exhibits is an Omeka-based showcase of media-rich online exhibits of scholarship, creative works, and historical materials related to and produced by the Hollins University community. Exhibits featured here are the product of collaborations between the library and faculty, staff, and students. These collaborations can take the form of visual media or audio collections, interactive maps, timelines, guided walkthroughs of digital assets, and more. Exhibits featured here include course outcomes like Greek in the Wild: Inscriptions Explained.


Artstor image collections database has fully migrated onto the JSTOR platform, and the Artstor website will cease on August 1.

Do not panic! All of our favorite Artstor functions are still there.

  • Search: including filters and advanced search with classification, collections, geography, dates.
  • Navigate: zoom in and out, pan, etc.
  • Save: if you had an Artstor account with image groups, those have been copied to a JSTOR Workspace account. These accounts have the same abilities to save, share, and download folders; they also have presentation features including image comparison. You can sign into your Workspace with Microsoft (it will log you in via Hollins).

There are also new features; we no longer need to log into a separate account before downloading images. It’s now the same easy download as a JSTOR article: hurray! Also, Workspace accounts let you combine formats: you can save images together with JSTOR articles and book chapters.


JSTOR forum enables members of the Hollins community to share their digital media collections with a wider scholarly community, and allows student artists to gain recognition for their work. Collections found here include faculty-library collaborations like the Painted Grave Stelai of Demetrias Pagasai.


A selection of our contributions to Artstor are also discoverable through the Digital Public library of America (DPLA).  DPLA is a union catalog of public domain and openly licensed content held by galleries, archives, libraries, museums, and other cultural heritage institutions.

Interested in Collaborating?

If you would like more information about any of our projects, or would like to discuss a potential collaboration, please e-mail spraguesa@hollins.edu.