The goal of the Library Student Advisory Board (LSAB) is to have students play a role in how the library functions by providing feedback about services, collections and programs, and also to provide input on new programs. During the academic year we meet during the fall and spring semesters and invite students from all of Hollins’ programs to participate – undergraduates (both traditional and Horizon students) and graduates. We also meet one time with our summer session students while they are on campus. Here are a few examples of how the LSAB has impacted the library:

  • Requested blankets for the library
  • Provided feedback on renovations and new furniture for the Reading Room
  • Suggested quiet hours for the third floor
  • Participated in usability testing for the library app
  • Proposed specialized library workshops (summer session)

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If you have questions please contact...

Shawna Battle
Interlibrary Loan Services Coordinator

Maryke Barber
Information Literacy, Outreach & Arts Liaison Librarian

Remembering Wyndham Robertson Library

On April 23, 2023 the library’s Student Advisory Board gathered to remember the library before the renovation. See their responses below or read the full responses.

What is your favorite space in the library?

  • Children’s Alcove
  • Hollins Room
  • Reading Room
  • QR Center
  • “I adore all the study and student spaces in the library. Everything allows for so much flexibility, its nice to just come here without looking over your shoulder.”
  • “I loved the basement for doing homework, but the Hollins room for its beauty”

What will you miss after the renovation?

  • Children’s Alcove
  • “The hidden away cozy spots”
  • Study rooms
  • “The character the library has”

What are you looking forward to after the renovation?

  • New chairs!
  • Study spaces
  • More community
  • “I’m not sure. I’m a little confused as to the purpose for some of these renovations but I really hope they keep the good parts I love about the library”
  • Changes to the layout and in general for the QR Center (Center for Learning Excellence)
  • “I’m excited to see what happens to the space where the bound periodicals were located!” (Ground Floor)

What is one memorable moment for you in the library?

  • Spending time and studying with my friends
  • Thinking its way too far from campus but also coming and getting work done. Napping, mostly.
  • Having pizza in the Hollins Room.
  • My first finals, studying for them 🙂
  • fighting off wasps on the balcony
  • Watching the gophers run outside
  • Working, Finals in the library last year. Fun! Also, my shifts where I get to help a lot of people
  • Finishing my thesis the night before it was due
  • I’ve written all my essays here
  • studying for finals!
  • During my first year, me and my friend won the scavenger hunt and it was one of the memorable moments
  • Scavenger Hunt with my friends during my freshman year
  • I was in the second floor, in the big couches. It was oddly relaxing, even while working
  • Spending time with my friends preparing for exams together
  • When my friends struggled to move the large sofas in the 2nd floor balcony area
  • taking a mid-term test on the second floor! The cozy work area made it easy to focus
  • Studying with my friends in the study rooms. Private group areas are always nice.
  • Working on projects and finals during Reading Day and having the library provide snacks and a relaxing room
  • Sitting with friends in study rooms studying before finals
  • final exam read in/study events