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Feedback:Very sad about the lack of computers in the library. I have a very slow laptop and I would use the library computers fairly often. I did not see 10 available computers anywhere. I saw 1 computer in the coffee shop and someone was using it. It is not very helpful to use the computer lab in Dana and then research, etc etc etc in the library. I am extremely disappointed. The warmth from the library is missing. It is very medical field in there. Not as welcoming as it was before. It feels more corporate than a student space. The wooden furniture and cozy couches made the space very inviting, now I feel rushed to be in that space.

Library: Thanks for your feedback on the new spaces in the library. Regarding desktop computers, we currently have 5 available in the library (2 in the Coffee Commons; 2 next to the CLE; 1 next to the 2nd floor printer). You’re right that we had originally talked about having approximately 10 in the building, and I’m not sure we’re going to get there this semester. There will be 2 more computers going in soon next to the CLE, bringing the library total to 7. We may also be able to add another computer by the 2nd floor printer in the coming weeks/months. We had planned another computer in the Coffee Commons, but that location’s network point was repurposed to strengthen the wi-fi signal in the space. We will keep this FAQ updated with current information about desktop availability. Laptops are also available for checkout. We will monitor community usage of our desktops during the fall semester, to see if we need to add more. And thanks for your comments on the new library spaces. Our hope is there will be enough different types of spaces (wooden furniture remains in the Hollins Rooms and in our wooden carrels; more booth-type seating, closer to the feel of a couch, will arrive in WRL in the coming weeks) that you and all students can find spaces you enjoy in the new WRL. – Luke Vilelle, University Librarian.

Suggestion: Please inlude hot chocolate for snacks/drinks during final exam weeks!

Library: Thank you for the suggestion, we will put it on the shopping list for December/May 🙂

Suggestion: And then they were gone – Agatha Christie

Library: Thank you for your suggestion for our book collections: good news! You’ll find And Then There Were None by Agatha Christie at PR6005.H66 A8 1966, on the library’s second floor. We’re hoping that is the book you seek; if another Agathan Christie book is needed, contact Rebecca Seipp, the librarian for English Literature, at

Suggestion: Please get cherry syrup for the cherry vanilla latte!

Library: Thank you for your suggestion for Greenberry’s Coffee Shop! We have sent your request to our friends at Meriwether Godsey ( Happy caffeinating!