Wyndham Robertson Library Mission

Mission: The Wyndham Robertson Library fosters student success at Hollins University by teaching students to critically engage in the discovery and use of information; by connecting faculty and students with resources that advance scholarship and creative work; by strengthening the intellectual community; and by preserving and sharing Hollins’ legacy.

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Fundamental Commitments

As partners in the education of undergraduate and graduate students for the 21st century, we actively collaborate in teaching and learning across campus.

As champions of reading, information literacy and lifelong learning, we advocate for the development of students’ critical thinking abilities within the academic curriculum.

As defenders of academic freedom, we reject censorship and the abridgement of free expression, and safeguard the privacy and confidentiality of library users.

As facilitators of inquiry and exploration that help develop the scholarship and creative work by the Hollins community, we collect, organize, and deliver a rich and diverse set of resources across a variety of formats that match Hollins’ broad liberal arts curriculum.

As user-oriented service providers, we engage in dialogue with our community to develop personalized and responsive services that meet the needs of the campus.

As professionals committed to a welcoming environment where all members of our community feel like they belong, we will strive for equity, diversity and inclusion through every aspect of our resources and services. This includes accessible spaces, diverse collections, and responsive policies and programming.

As curators of Hollins’ legacy, we preserve and share the valuable materials entrusted to us to ensure their accessibility for future generations.

As innovators, we continually seek to surprise the HU community through rethinking and redefining how the library can contribute to the success of the university.

As the intellectual hub of campus, we provide spaces and programming to encourage reflection, exploration and engagement, and also celebrate the scholarship and creative work done by our community.

As a learning community, we are committed to professional growth to ensure the ongoing development of current and emerging services and resources.

*Our sincere gratitude to the Smith College Libraries, whose fundamental commitments (available at http://www.smith.edu/libraries/info/about/vision) inspired us. We also thank them for permitting us to borrow phrases and ideas from their commitments where appropriate.