Undergraduate Theses

Page Order

  • Title Page (click here for sample)
  • Dedication (optional)
  • Acknowledgements (optional)
  • Introduction or abstract
  • Table of contents, including page numbers
  • Text
  • Appendix (optional)
  • Endnotes (if using)
  • Bibliography

Page Numbers

  • Use small case Roman numerals (i,ii,iii,iv,v) for preliminary pages (prior to first page of text); use Arabic numerals (1,2,3,4,5) for remaining pages.
  • The title page is considered the first page but do not put a page number on title page. (The next page will be numbered ii.)
  • Number all pages, including those with photographs, charts, appendices, etc.
  • Page numbers can be placed in the upper right hand corner, 0.5 inch from the top, or in the bottom center, 0.5 inch from the bottom.


  • Must be wordprocessed, double-spaced, have 1 inch margins, and use a 12 pt. easy-to-read, serifed font.
  • Examples of serifed fonts are: Times New Roman, Georgia, and Baskerville Old Face
  • Examples of non-serifed fonts are Arial, Comic Sans MS, and Tahoma
  • Margins for the archival copy: 1 inch margins all the way around.
  • Paper should be printed double-sided.
  • Corrections. Do not use correction fluids on the final copy. If correction fluid is necessary, make the correction and then photocopy the page on the same paper as the rest of the thesis. Discard the page with the correction fluid.
  • Paper for the archival copy: 70 lb. white cougar paper, available from Printing & Mailing on the lower level of Main. Please contact: print-mail@hollins.edu or call (540) 362-6044 for assistance. Optionally, Staples carries a paper that fits this requirement: “Bright White” (#733333). (Due to paper variance, this 70 lb is comparable to 28 lb in other brands.)
  • Non-print or mixed formats: see Luke Vilelle, in Library (x6232) for more information.

Submitting your thesis (In print or online)


  • Honors theses: Turn in two copies: one advisor copy, one loose-leaf archival copy. The archival copy should be printed double-sided.
  • Non-honors theses on local history or culture topics. Turn in two copies in an envelope or folder: one advisor copy, one archival copy.
  • All other non-honors theses. Submit one copy to advisor.

ONLINE (Honors Theses only)

Questions? Contact Luke Vilelle, lvilelle@hollins.edu OR 540-362-6237.