Open Access Support

The library believes in the open dissemination of research and scholarship whenever possible, to spread knowledge and allow that knowledge to be built upon. The library supports the Hollins community in making materials open access through the creation and maintenance of institutional repositories, and also financially supports third parties who curate open access resources that will be of use to the Hollins community. (The library includes thousands of such open access resources in its discovery system and course guides).


Lever Press

  • Hollins takes great pride in its liberal arts identity and mission, and appreciates the opportunity to provide support for publishing open access monographs embodying and reflecting the values of the liberal arts, via a press governed by its supporting members.

Directory of Open Access Journals (DOAJ)

  • Like many libraries, our library is greatly dependent on the work of the DOAJ to review and vet open access scholarly journals, making this a key piece of infrastructure enabling us to confidently recommend thousands of DOAJ-recognized open access publications to our community and to include those journals in our discovery system.
  • Letter of appreciation from DOAJ

Springer OA books (a Lyrasis initiative)

  • The UN’s Sustainable Development Goals represent a call to action across issues of significant interest to the Hollins community, such as gender equality, reduced inequalities, and peace and justice.

Environmental Humanities (an OA journal)

  • Faculty at Hollins strive to engage students with interdisciplinary courses, and this journal supports that work by connecting the humanities and social sciences with environmental studies.

Annual Review in Public Health (a Subscribe to Open subscription)

  • Hollins instituted a new public health major in 2020, and this “Subscribe to Open” opportunity offers us the ability to both support the new major and bring more open resources to a discipline focused on social justice.

Independent Voices (from Reveal Digital)

  • This open access digitization project of mid-20th century counterculture press publications, completed in 2018, brings voices from historically marginalized populations to the fore and into the research projects of our students, who long sought access to these voices to center them in their work.

Knowledge Unlatched

  • Hollins, with its strong creative writing program and emphasis on the humanities, has long valued the monograph, and our contribution to this early open access book initiative expressed our support for new models for book publication and distribution.